Signs & Notices For Every Purpose. Clear Perspex sign with flame polished edges. Vinyl detail applied directly to glass.

High Impact Signage Solutions Signage Solutions
for all purposes

Stretford Studios are vastly experienced in the supply of signage solutions for any purpose.
Be it a large commercial hoarding, or a simple car park notice, Stretford Studios can supply it quickly and a very competitive prices.
For over 35 years, we have supplied signage to many famous high street stores and to major sporting events worldwide, including scoreboards for major golf tournaments and signage at Premiership football grounds.
No sign is too big or too small for Stretford Studios and we can design and produce signs from a wide range of materials and using a variety of different sign making techniques including:

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Metal Signs & Door Plates. Brushed Dibond door signs. Vinyl lettering applied to the face. Supplied with chrome locator fittings for easy installation.
Dibond Sign Trays. 50mm deep sign tray with vinyl lettering. Fitted over 50mm frame.


Shop Fascia Signs. Fret cut Perspex letters. Vinyl detail applied. Backlit opal Acyrlic back panel for high impact illumination.

to suit any budget

Stretford Studios specialise in the supply of high quality Fascia Signs. From 3D LED Backlit Fascias, to simple PVC signs. We can supply it and at competitive prices.
From design to installation. We can provide the ideal solution to ensure you maximise impact. Fascia signs often represent a company, or retailer's, most important investment. Often the sign above the door will provides potential customers with their all important first impression. We are happy to advise on layout and design as well as to discuss the production options available.
Where lighting is required, we can help. Supplying a wide range of pre-fabricated or custom built light boxes and lighting solutions.
For further information or discuss your fascia requirements, please feel free to contact us, or call +44 (0)161 864 4367.
3D Signs and Fascias. 3D moulded letters, fitted to aluminium back panel. Vinyl letters applied. Front-lit for added impact.
Front-lit Fascia Signs. Bronze brushed Dibond back panel. Silver dibond cut out letters fitted on invisible locators.

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